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Innovate Alternative Child Care

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Innovate Alternative Child Care

Our Innovate Alternative Child Care provides children with optimal care and relevant education through synergy of all SOS Programs by implementing the One Program Policy and prepare children to lead independent life.

Read out the latest stories about our work in providing innovate alternative child care.

Innovate Alternative Child Care Stories


“I want to become a Social worker because nobody can have a positive influence on a child’s life the way a social worker does. My SOS Mother is a good example. She has a positive influence on my upbringing.”

Programme participant
“For two days, my son had poor appetite and fever, so I had to carry him for a check-up at the SOS Medical Centre in Congo town, the committed nurses at SOS Medical Centre and the improved facility helped save my child.
Albertha Swen**
Mother of three
"Growing up in SOS Children's Village is a good experience, it helps me to develop positively."
Programme Participant
“Playing my first football match was an adventure, so having an opportunity to wear the red, white, and blues, is a privilege and one that I’ll never take for granted. This all started from the SOS Children's Village Monrovia
Casemiro David**