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SOS Strategy 2030

What we want to achieve in a decade


By 2030, we shall achieve our two goals both through our own programmes and in partnership with others:
These goals will be achieved by introducing seven strategic initiatives, focusing on core challenges of tomorrow.
We are going to innovate and grow alternative care and deepen its integration into the community. By 2030, 95% of our alternative care programmes will have community-integrated families or offer foster care. This will ensure that children and young people in our programmes are integrated members of society.
We shall strengthen families by increasing our focus on preventing family separation and providing emergency response. In 2030, we want 85% of families to be self-reliant when they exit a family strengthening programme.
We are going to empower young people by strengthening their care and improving their employability. By 2030, 95% of young people shall be making at least satisfactory progress in education and 90% shall be self-reliant when they leave alternative care.
We shall give a voice to our target group and increase our advocacy impact. In 2030, we shall be able to continuously contribute to improving public policies for our target group in all the countries where we are active.
We are going to create a movement by mobilising people for quality child care and spreading our experience and knowledge. By 2030, 150 SOS Children’s Villages programmes will also develop alternative care partnerships with governments or other providers.
We shall simplify SOS. A simpler, agile and digital organisation means a larger share of our resources will be spent on supporting children and young people.
Finally, we shall invest for funding growth to make the change we envision possible. Specifically, we will invest in high-potential markets beyond Europe in order to convince more people to support our mission. We also want to significantly increase government subsidies for domestic programmes in all countries.

Our Strategy 2030 helps us respond to the changing needs in the communities where we work, putting the most disadvantaged children at the centre of all our actions.

Our strategy also directly relates and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals in key areas such as poverty, inequality, education, health, social and child protection, and decent work.

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How we support the SDGs
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