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Our Organization

SOS Children’s Villages in Liberia is a member of the SOS Children‘s Villages International Federation. Started operations in Liberia on 1st January, 1981, following an agreement between the Government of Liberia and SOS Children’s Villages International (Helmut Kutin). 
The first Children’s Villages opened in Monrovia, Montserrado County.


Followed by the second Children’s Villages in Juah Town, Grand Bassa County. Construction was completed 1989 and operations started effectively in  2000. In 2020, the programme in Juah Town was relocated to Buchanan – to reach many more children.


our ambition:

To improve fundamentally the situation of children without parental care and those at risk of losing parental care.

Our Core Programs:

Alternative Child Care:

Strengthen Families:

Empower Youth:

Strengthen care for children and young people in our programmes and have community-integrated families

Strengthen families to prevent family separations, increase quality care for programme participants and engage partners for economic empowerment towards self sufficiency. 

We develop the capacities of young people through academic, professional, vocational and entrepreneurship opportunities.