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Monrovia Village

SOS Children’s Village Monrovia was opened in 1981, following an agreement between the government of Liberia and SOS Children’s Villages International.
During the civil conflict in Liberia, the SOS Children’s Village Monrovia was sometimes a place of a safe haven, which offered protection and help to the local population. In April 1996 and in July 2003, when fighting was at its worst in Monrovia, over 7,000 people sought shelter at the SOS Children’s Village Monrovia. Up to 40,000 people benefited from the SOS Emergency Relief Programme and the Emergency Clinic, which has now been converted into the SOS Medical Centre located in Congo Town.
The SOS Medical Centre treats up to 22,000 patients each year, providing basic health care and treatment, electrocardiography, ultrasound, vaccination services and other services to many who could not otherwise afford these services.

What we do in Monrovia:

Our work is primarily guided by three (3) importance international frame works specifically relating to children.
SOS Children’s Villages is a child development and child-protection organization that has been working in Liberia for over 40 years. Our work is primarily guided by international frame work specifically relating to children. We strongly support and follow the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), UN Guideline for the Alternative Care of Children as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
SOS Children’s Village Monrovia also has a  Kindergarten and High school. The children staying at the SOS Children’s Village in Monrovia attend the SOS Kindergarten and the Hermann Gmeiner International School together with children from the neighbourhood, ensuring that they are integrated into the local community from a young age. 
When young people move out of the SOS family home to study or find work, the SOS Youth Programme continues to support them as they make the transition into adulthood. Trained Youth Care workers supervise them and provide guidance.


Transforming lives....

Alternative care

We work to provide quality alternative care for children who are at risk.

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of care in all our programmes and work with governments and communities to improve alternative child care systems.

Child Protection

Children have a right to protection and to feel safe. SOS Children’s Villages does not tolerate any form of child abuse, exploitation, neglect or violation of a child’s privacy. We are committed to creating and maintaining a caring and protective environment for every child in programme.

Empower Youth

Quality education and training are keys to a successful future. We help ensure that children’s fundamental right to education is met, from early childhood through vocational training or university, and that young people are prepared to live independent lives.