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Combining Parenting with Motivation: A Story of an SOS Mother

Combining Parenting with Motivation: A Story of an SOS Mother

Combining Parenting with Motivation: A Story of an SOS Mother

Jugbeh, an SOS mother, prides herself as being a good parent. Jugbeh has successfully raised nine children, one of whom is now attending high school in Norway, Europe. “Every child must have a good role model in his or life. In my personal experience, children will get lost in society if mothers are not involved with their daily lives,” says Jugbeh.

Jugbeh is grateful for her role as SOS mother but acknowledges that parenthood is not easy. “Being a mom outside of SOS is challenging, and being an SOS mother is a lot more challenging. We often support our children to give them the best, but it doesn’t always go as planned. Parenting can be overwhelming at times,” she said.

Jugbeh had to forgo her dreams and desires to be a Catholic nun to care for children who lost parental care in SOS Children’s Village. Working as an SOS mother is a full-time job that requires commitment, but Jugbeh never gives up or complains. She dedicates her life to caring for children, including caring for them and supporting their moral and personal development.

Caring for children:

Jugbeh started parenting as a result of her passionate desire to care for children in vulnerable situation. Not much of it came so easy as caring for biological children is difficult, least to talk about children who are from different backgrounds and cultures.  Even though there were many people available to support Jugbeh and other mothers, but the task was challenging.

“When I first started caring for children in the village, I had to cope with the new environment. In the beginning, it was tough to care for children while at the same time doing chores in the home. The challenges were growing day by day,” she added.

Jugbeh maintained that parenting is not quite a man’s role but it’s most definitely not a single mother’s task either. “There is a thin line between being a parent and being a caregiver; and that line is often taken for granted by many people. When you are a caregiver, parenting is not an experiment, it is a routine,” she lamented.

For Jugbeh, caregiving has become much more than nurturing; she sees it as a duty. “I am excited being a part of the children’s lives and making a difference,” she said.

Jugbeh joined SOS Children’s Villages Liberia in 2006. She found out about SOS Children’s Village through a friend. She applied and was accepted after vigorous training and with support from the village programme team, patience, and persistence, this determined SOS mother overcame challenges and is making great impact. As of April 2021, Mother Jugbeh has cared for seventeen children in SOS Family Care Programme.

Written by Joseph Joboe, Communications & Brand Coordinator