“I had no idea what it was like, but I seized the opportunity,” – Ruth

Ruth, aged 19, seized the opportunity to enhance her skills and continue her personal development. Ruth is a participant of SOS Children’s Villages in Liberia programme and she joined the programme in 2008 at the age of 4. Since then, she has been cared for and nurtured. Although she is just a high school student, she has already benefited from many capacity-building opportunities offered by SOS Children’s Villages in Liberia.

“Capacity building is a critical part of youth development. Continuous capacity building for young people ensures a smooth transition to independent life,” Ruth noted.

Ruth, determined not to fall victim to complacency, is ready to challenge herself. “I remain focused, continue to humble myself, and overcome obstacles that will hinder my growth,” she added.

Liberian youth are amongst young people in African that is still experiencing gaps in capacity. Thus, the organization is addressing these gaps through continuous capacity-building initiatives. It can be recalled, 3-months ago, Ruth and 225 youth benefited from an ICT4D program that enhanced their knowledge and skills and also exposed them to career opportunities.  

Ruth is not the only outstanding person that participated in the RBM training, which appears to be a major game-changer. One notable person also is mother Jugbeh, a caregiver with 15-year of impeccable experience in caregiving and parenting.

Mother Jugbeh, a caregiver of over 15-year of impeccable experience in caregiving and parenting.  

Amazingly, Ruth and Mother Jugbeh was amongst 32 persons that benefited from the Results-based management (RBM) capacity-building training. The RBM first phase started in July 2021 as an online 8-week digital education course, while the second phase of the training lasted for 2-week.

It is no surprise, SOS Children’s Villages in Liberia is a reigning local champion in childcare and development. It has been leading child development for over 40 years. Now, Mother Jugbeh, who cares for 9 children, has revealed that she and the other mothers are keen to give their best with the level of capacity-building. “Capacity building prepares you for improved impact. I am proud to be a part of this RBM training,” Jugbeh remarked. We are very grateful to the organization for its support. We are committed to giving our best,” Jugbeh added.

Standing on the balcony of the hall hosting the RBM training, a direct view of the city, Jugbeh envision the next steps for the many children who are placed in her care. As a caregiver, Jugbeh’s work includes ensuring safety for children, providing meals, assisting in school lessons, encouraging children to participate in activities that support child development, amongst others.

Written by Joseph Joboe, Brand & Communications Coordinator, SOS Children’s Villages in Liberia

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