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Forging Partnership for Quality Child Care: SOS Liberia empowers the Liberia National Children’s Representative Forum (LNCRF).

Forging Partnership for Quality Child Care: SOS Liberia empowers the Liberia National Children’s Representative Forum (LNCRF).

Forging Partnership for Quality Child Care: SOS Liberia empowers the Liberia National Children’s Representative Forum (LNCRF).

The SOS Children’s Villages Liberia has provided a number of working materials to the Liberian National Children’s Representative Forum (LNCRF) to help boost its capacity to represent and advocate on issues affecting Liberian children. The items handover include: Desktop, printer, cartridge, chairs, cabinet, flip chart stand as well as stationeries.

The Liberian National Children’s Representative Forum (LNCRF) is the highest advocacy and representative body for children in the country. The body draws its strength from its membership gathered from the 15 political sub-divisions of Liberia.

During the handover meeting, the SOS Liberia National Director Mr. Augustine A. Allieu noted “we are here to support a partnership with the Liberian National Children’s Representative Forum (LNCRF). Mr. Allieu said for SOS Children’s Villages to work with partners, there must be certain level of quality, productivity and the capacity to do the work. The handover of the items was a simple gesture aimed at enhancing the capacity of the Liberia National Children’s Representative Forum (LNCRF). The handover of the computer, printer and stationeries which was done at the office of the LNCRF at the Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Protection (MoGSCP), is one component of a much larger support package to the LNCRF.

“We join forces with other recognized stakeholders to protect and promote child rights. Through partnerships we create the greatest possible impact on the lives of children and young people” said Mr. Allieu. The SOS National Director reiterated SOS Liberia’s commitment to continue to work with the Ministry and partners in protecting and advocating for children’s rights in Liberia.

During the handover ceremony Madam Lydia Sherman, Deputy Minister for Children & Social Protection expressed her gratitude to SOS Children’s Villages Liberia for the gesture. “SOS Children’s Villages Liberia is one of our long standing partner, again they have demonstrated one of their commitment to Liberian children.” She maintained that Ministry will ensure that the children forum use the items wisely.

“The children forum has been knocking on our doors for some time, I am happy they were able to think outside the box” the Deputy Minister noted.

Mr. Jutomue Doetein, Speaker for the children’s forum expressed gratitude and appreciation for the capacity building initiative by SOS Children’s Villages Liberia, not only to the LNCRF but also to the many children and young people over the years.

Speaker Jutomue Doetein assured the SOS Children’s Villages Liberia that the computer and the stationaries will be use for the intended purpose. Noting that “Little is much when God is in it. This support and partnership will further accelerate our advocacy and strengthen our capacity.”

Speaker Doetein has vowed to continue advocating for the promotion of children’s rights in Liberia. “We will continue to advocate on behalf of the less fortunate and highly marginalized children of our society” he said.

Cooperation for Progress

Deputy Minister Lydia Sherman in the presence of the Speaker of LNCRF is signing the deed of donation

It can be recalled in February this year, the Team at SOS Children’s Villages Liberia met with delegation from the (MoGSCP) and the LNCRF in the conference room of SOS Liberia National office in Matadi at which time Maminah Carr – Assistant Minister for Research & Technical Services and Victoria Saway, Director for Children Division were present.

Child Rights Clubs (CRCs) are child-led groups established to empower children, educate them about their rights and responsibilities, build their capacity to be great leaders, and encourage them not just to be members of a community, but vibrant and active agents for change. The collaboration between SOS Children’s Villages Liberia and Children’s Forum presents an opportunity for children to raise, discuss and address issues that affect them.

The collaboration is a powerful example of the progress that SOS Liberia is making through cross-cutting partnerships. Both organizations are working to ensure that their advocacy is translated into concrete actions for children’s health, education, protection and participation in society; reaching the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children.

SOS Children’s Villages Liberia is working to ensure a sustainable future for Liberian children. The organization put children and young people at the centre of her actions to support the Sustainable Development Goals, recognizing that every child has a right to be included in global efforts to make sustainable development a reality.

SOS Children’s Villages is an international Child Care and Child Protection organization that supports children that have either lost parental care or are at the risk of losing it. Since 1981, SOS Children’s Villages Liberia have been working to ensure that children grow up in a loving family environment and have their rights fulfilled.

SOS Children’s Villages Liberia also working with communities and families to protect children from abuse.


Written by: Joseph Joboe, SOS Liberia Communications & Brand Coordinator


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