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The Road Less Traveled: From Care To Fashion Designer

The Road Less Traveled: From Care To Fashion Designer

The Road Less Traveled: From Care To Fashion Designer

Growing up in SOS Village is a good experience, it help you to connect with people even if they are not your siblings.” Said Rose

A few years ago, Rose wasn’t sure where she was headed in life. Today her clothing “Morris design” is known for its elegant styles. Rose specializes in designing clothes for young ladies that are colorful and have the love for African costumes. She is economically independent and self-sustaining. Her journey to independence is been supported through artistic skills.

Her one-of-a-kind dresses, skirts and tops are sold opposite the Paynesville Town Hall in Liberia. Since she was thirteen, Rose has been cutting and putting together clothes, and learned how to sew by practicing on drawing. She didn’t allow the high unemployment rates in Liberia to discourage her. She uses her drawing skills and the opportunity to be a fashion designer. Despite of the challenges, she is confident that she had made a break through.

“The cardinal virtues of prudence, temperance and courage are values that I upholds so gracefully,” Rose told the team from SOS Children’s Villages that visited her fashion shop. The designer also said that she is working expeditiously to launch her website that will showcase her designs online, in addition to the current platform called Designers platform which showcase the fashion of most designers on facebook.

She added “my ambition is to collaborate with other designers in the diaspora to showcase the African arts and culture.”  Rose is a hard working young woman with a lot of dedication and enthusiasm. She was brought to live at the SOS Children’s Village in Monrovia, Liberia when she was one year old.

She lived in house thirteen with her SOS mother and her SOS siblings for years before she resettled in 2008. But the contact with the home she grow up is still close and she often comes to visit.

“Living outside the village is different from living in the community. The community teaches you to look at things differently”.

Rose isn’t as much of a household name as Donatella Versace or Coco Chanel, but she has accomplished feats of entrepreneurship and business management that that helps her to navigate the local fashion market. Coco Chanel may be a famous fashion designer, but both are true epitome of creativity. They are self-made women. Raised in an alternative care and taught the virtues of life.

Written By: Joseph J.B. Joboe, Communications & Brand Coordinator-SOS Liberia.

***For privacy Rose is not the real name

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